I have fond childhood memories of having wondrous stories read to me before bed. A certain collection of beautifully illustrated Chinese folktales stands out in my memory, and I chose to pay tribute to these ancient stories in this series of illustrations. 

I chose three of my favorites, the tales of Nüwa (女媧), Nezha (哪吒) and Houyi (后羿).


Nüwa (女媧)'s tale describes the origin of humankind as well as how the creator, the goddess Nüwa, saves her children from certain death.

Nezha (哪吒)'s tale follows the adventures of a child-god, from his mischievous antics to how he saved his people. 

Houyi (后羿)'s tale tells of a time when there were 10 suns in the sky. Houyi, a master archer, was called upon to shoot down the suns before the world could be set ablaze.


I reimagined the characters and their stories in my illustrations and then subsequently designed silk scarves inspired by the aesthetics of my series of illustrations.